Female Business Executive (Trainee)

Job Description:

– Maintain good communication with clients and closing sales processes positively.
– To deal efficiently and politely with all telephone, email, internet and in person inquiries.
– Make customer sales data bank is preferable as and when required and follow up on that as a regular basis.

Covid-19 impact on IT business

The impacts of Covid-19 are searched the world and are essentially affecting the innovation area. From impacts on crude materials supply, to disturbance to the gadgets esteem chain, to inflationary danger on items. From a positive point of view, the disturbance has caused a speed increase of far off working, and a quick spotlight on…

Necessity of School Management System in Bangladesh

Introducing a school management system will generally improve the general security. Communication Gap between teachers, students, and parents is one of the essential issues that bunches of schools are confronting. Effective communication is fundamental for the legitimate scholarly exhibition of understudies, however a great deal of schools neglect to execute effective correspondence between teachers, students,…

The use of Artificial intelligence in Modern Software

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the part of computer sciences that accentuates the improvement of insight machines, thinking and working like people. Planning projects and designing it needs specific learning and experience to propose a conclusive arrangement. Choosing a right plan for each stage is a mistake inclined assignment for creators. Artificial intelligence has adequately changed…