Software Quality Assurance and Testing

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Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Software testing is the way toward checking a system to recognize any mistakes, gaps or missing necessity versus the actual requirement. It guarantees that software product is working by regulatory, technical, business, functional and client prerequisites. Software testing is a wide interaction that incorporates a few connected processes. Three things you check through these cycles: software completeness in regards to practical necessities; discovering technical errors and ensuring the software is bug-free; surveying usability, performance, security, localization, compatibility, and installation.

Methodology of Our Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Functional Testing

Unit testing

Check singular programming

Integration testing

Testing singular segments in a group

Regression testing

Testing old test cases of the whole application are executed after another usefulness has been actualized.

Beta/acceptance testing

Expected clients try the item and report bugs.

Functional Testing

System testing

Checking the consistency of coordinated and Finished programming alongside details

Smoke testing

Testing for simple and fundamental functionalities for example, if the client can sign in or log out.

Interface testing

Checking the communication between two software systems is accurately done.

Sanity testing

Logical thinking related to the working of the program

Non-Functional Testing

Install testing

These tests check if an item works as indicated by assumptions after establishment.

Usability testing

Testing explores that the user can easily use in terms of learning, operating, and preparing inputs and outputs.

Performance testing

Testing the performance or speed of the application is tested under the required workload.

Stress testing

Stress testing decides programming power

Non-Functional Testing

Compatibility testing

Check whether the application is viable with changing conditions.

Volume testing

Checking the performance of the system by loading the database to an increased volume of data.

Security testing

Test all the attacks from internal and external sources.

Recovery testing

Checker determine an application’s capacity to recuperate from hardware crashes and failures.

Key Technologies We Use

Software Quality Assurance and Testing Service

Acquaint Technologies is one of the best software testing and quality assurance  companies in Bangladesh that provides software testing and software  quality assurance services for the top clients in Bangladesh and abroad.

The company has been around for more than 10 years. It has developed a lot of expertise in the field of software quality assurance and testing services in Bangladesh.

Quality assurance is a process of ensuring that a product meets the requirements of its intended use. It also ensures that the software or hardware is defect-free and works as designed.

Our team includes professionals who have years of experience in software development, quality assurance, and testing services whereas the client understand the importance of software testing and quality assurance.

Acquaint Technologies is provides software testing services with three main focuses:

— Development testing: This includes all the activities related to designing, developing, building, and deploying the software product.

— Regression testing: This includes all activities related to detecting changes in the system and verifying that it still functions as intended after these changes have been made.

— Acceptance testing: This includes all activities related to verifying whether or not a software product meets its requirements before it is released for use.


Software Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Benefits:

Software Quality Assurance (QA) not only is beneficial to the vendor, but the consumer as well. Credible Software QA Testing can establish expectations for the product while helping a manufacturer produce high quality software. Sacrificing usability, stability and security is not an option if you want your app, software or cloud-based service representing your brand reputation. Intertek’s software quality assurance testing expertise will give you peace of mind that your software or app leaves your users with a positive experience, leaving you more time to focus on enhancements rather than usability, stability or security updates.

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