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Inventories are the products or goods a company sells in order to attain revenue. Inventory going out and cash coming in is the basic process for generating revenue. To increase sales volume and meet customer demand, it is also a very important fact to keep a track of your inventories.

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Features of Our Bikri – Complete Inventory POS Software In Bangladesh


With Overview & Best Seller Chart, Latest Five (sales, quotations. purchases, transfers, customers & suppliers)


Standard, Combo & Digital products with import option along with quantity adjustment and bulk update feature


Sales with payments and option to accept payments online by PayPal and Skrill along with delivery, gift cards and returns options


Overview & warehouse chart with quantity and sales, purchases, transfers, customer, suppliers and staff user reports.


Add quotation, convert them to sales or purchase order with download as pdf option


Unlimited hosting and bandwidth for total solution based on requirements.

Point of Sale (POS)

Simple and easy to use design with registers, virtual keyboard, hold/suspend sales and display customer screen option. Quick Cash buttons and Accept payment.


Transfer products from one warehouse to another with csv, import & export options


Manager staff users, billers (selling companies), customers and suppliers with import by csv and export options

POS related devices

Any POS related Hardware like Barcode reader, POS printer will be provided with extra pricing.

Much more

Event Calendar, Calculator, On-Screen Keyboard and comprehensive documentation

Payment Gateway Support (Optional)

BKash, Master Card, AMEX, VISA

Store Design & Appearance

Standard Design of Look and Feel for your ecommerce website

Mobile and Tablets friendly

Order & Customer Management

Customer Account Information

Customer order details

Order status tracking

Shipping Tools

Location wise shipping rules and pricing

Our Complete Inventory Management POS Software In Bangladesh

Product List
Product Adjustment
Profit / Loss Report
Product Ledger Report
Sale Report

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Benefits of Using POS Software

The benefits of using POS software are many. It can help you save time, reduce errors and increase efficiency. The benefits of using POS software are numerous. First, it allows you to keep track of all of your sales data in one place. This makes it easier for you to analyze trends and make decisions based on those trends.

Second, POS software allows you to track inventory and orders more efficiently. This allows you to make sure that your inventory is always up to date and that your customers are getting what they want when they want it.

Third, POS software allows you to manage all of your financial transactions in one place. This makes it easy for you to keep track of all of your expenses and make sure that everything is being paid on time and in full.

Finally, using POS software allows you to keep track of all of your expenses. This can help you determine whether or not your business is profitable or not.

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    Complete Inventory Management System (APOS) FAQ

    What is Complete Inventory Management System (APOS)?

    Complete Inventory Management System (APOS) is an intelligent software by which a super shop company can operate their business smoothly.

    How much does this software cost? And Domo Link?

    Well, the Software price mainly depends on which modules you will take for your Business. The basic price starts from 50,000 BDT. Our Other Software Click

    Is the software price included with server price?

    Server price is not included with the software price.

    What is the support price?

    There is a free support period after installing the software to the server. We have different Support level based on your requirements and support level prices differ.

    Is there any user limitation in this system?

    There is no user limitation for this software. But you can use for one individual company.

    Which companies need this software?

    The companies which work on sales, quotations. purchases, transfers, customers & suppliers, etc those companies can use this smart pos software company in Bangladesh

    Is this software online or offline?

    The software has both online and offline version.

    Is any free support period included?

    Yes, there is a free support period.

    Which technologies have been used to develop this software?

    The software has been built on a PHP framework called Laravel with latest technologies and security enhancements.

    Is the software data (my company data) secured?

    The software maintains your company data with latest data encryption technology.