Software Maintenance, Re-engineering and Reuse process

Software maintenance, re-engineering and reuse process is a part of Software Development Life Cycle. 

Software Maintenance

Software is continually developing and it is rarely completed as long as it is utilized; halfway to oblige for the steadily changing world we live in. The development of software may be roused by an assortment of reasons; to keep the software ready for action, move up to the most recent delivery, upgrade highlights or to revamp the system for future practicality. Regardless of the inspiration, software upkeep is fundamental for the advancement and achievement of it.

Maintenance Activities

Identification & Tracing

It includes exercises relating to distinguishing proof of requirement of adjustment or maintenance. It is generated by client or system may itself report through logs or mistake messages.


The modification is analyzed for its effect on the system including wellbeing and security suggestions.


New modules, which should be supplanted or modified, are planned against necessity details set in the past stage. Experiments are made for validation and verification.


The new modules are coded with the assistance of organized plan made in the plan step.


After acknowledgment test, the system is sent everywhere on the association either by little update bundle or new establishment of the system . The last testing happens at customer end after the software is delivered.

System Testing

Integration testing is done among recently made modules. Joining testing is likewise done between new modules and the framework.

Maintenance management

Arrangement the executives is a fundamental piece of system maintenance. It is helped with adaptation control instruments to control forms, semi-version or patch management.

Acceptance Testing

After testing the system inside, it is tried for acknowledgment with the assistance of clients. On the off chance that at this state, client grumblings a few issues they are tended to or noted to address in next emphasis.

Enterprise Software maintenance

Enterprise Software maintenance is the process of keeping software systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Re-Engineering Process


Figuring out, to acquire details of existing programming

Restructure Program

Whenever required. For instance, evolving capacity situated projects into object-arranged projects.

Re-structure data

as required

Key Technologies We Use

Reuse Process

Requirement Specification

The functional and non-functional requirements are determined, which a software item should agree to, with the assistance of existing system, client input or both.

Search Suitable Components

The software component archive is alluded by designers to look for the coordinating with segment, based on usefulness and planned software requirements.


This is likewise a standard SDLC measure step, where necessities are characterized as far as software parlance.

Incorporate Components

All coordinated with parts are pressed together to shape them as complete software.

Specify Components

By considering the software design, the designers isolate the whole framework into more modest segments or sub-frameworks. One complete programming configuration transforms into an assortment of a colossal arrangement of parts cooperating.

Apply Forward engineering

concepts in order to get re-engineered software.

Software Maintenance & Re-engineering Service in Bangladesh

We are a team of highly qualified software engineers and technology specialists who’ve been in this industry for a long time. This gives us an edge in terms of experience that is unrivaled by any other firm in the market, let alone those who don’t possess such expertise. We not only develop the software but also do the software  reengineering the process as well as software maintenance support.

Enterprise Software maintenance is the process of keeping software systems running smoothly and efficiently. It involves identifying problems, fixing them, and making sure they don’t happen again. In addition to service maintaining software for existing programs, software developers may have to create new applications. We can also charge for software maintenance fees monthly or yearly.

Software Re-engineering services are sometimes also performed by software reverse engineering when a company wants to change its business model or product line. A re-engineer might work with a team of engineers to develop a new product or service. Or he or she could work alone to design a new system which is sometimes referred to as the best maintenance management software.

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