Hajira - Best HR And Payroll Automation System in Bangladesh

Hajira – HR and Payroll software

Manage your work force within just a click to have best output from all aspects.

HR and Payroll software

Why Choose Us?

Employee management plays a vital role in any type of organization. specially in manufacturing company, the importance of having an Hr & payroll software solution is endless. 

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Features of Our Hajira –HR And Payroll Automation System

Company information

View Information

Edit Information


Shift Schedule & Distribution

Attendance Summary & Process

Shift Delete

Upload Data



Blood Group



Employee Information

Add Employee

Employee list


Leave Setup

Leave Calculation

Leave Transaction


House Rent Setup

Allowance Setup

Education Allowance Setup


Deduction Setup

Deduction Distribute

Deduction log


Loan Type

Loan Distribute


Salary Process

Allowance Sheet

Deduction Sheet

Salary Report

Allowance Sheet

Deduction Sheet

Pay Slip

HR Report

Present Report

Absent Report

Leave Report

User Manage

User panel

Access Control

Provident Fund

Check Balance


Check Statement

Additional Features

Unlimited User

Access from anywhere

Unlimited PC access

User Manage

Response Design

Mobile Friendly

Visuals of Our Human Resource Management (HRM) Software

Best Payroll Management System in Bangladesh
Best HR Management System in Bangladesh
Company HR Management System in Bangladesh
Payroll Management System in Bangladesh
Best HR Management System in Bangladesh
Best HR & Payroll Management System in Bangladesh

Best HR and Payroll software company in Bangladesh

The new business world is constantly changing and that includes the way businesses run their HR and Payroll software departments. The new administration might change the way you pay your staff or the company might merge with another outfit. Either way, it’s important to keep up with changes so that your HR team can remain effective and responsive. It can be difficult to stay organized and on top of all of these changes in a short amount of time. That’s where HR & Payroll software comes in—the best option for keeping your business running smoothly. 

Our “Hajira”  is the best HR and Payroll software for small business. “Hajira” is also the best time and attendance management software in Bangladesh. With our software, you can easily manage your employees  monthly salary, details time and attendance , track payments, and more. If anyone one looking for the best Bangladesh’s  garments HR and payroll software,” Hajira” is  one of them. In that term we committed that Acquaint Technologies is the best HR and Payroll software company in bangladesh.

What are the Benefits of HR and Payroll Software

HR and Payroll software can help your business run smoothly and efficiently.
The benefits of HR & payroll software can include:
– keeping track of employee data and performance
– tracking job titles, hours worked, and other important employee information
– managing payroll costs
– tracking employee absences and leave requests
– managing customer interactions
– creating an efficient workforce

HR & payroll software can also help you resolve employee grievances and disputes. If you have a problem with an employee, or if you want to resolve a dispute with an employee, HR & payroll software can help. HR & payroll software can also help to prevent potential lawsuits and other legal issues in your business.

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    Human Resource Management (HRM) Software

    What is Human Resource Management (HRM) Software ?

    To facilitate the management of any organization in effective human resource management, Hr & payroll software solution has no replacement. It also assists the top management in the salary, attendance & efficiency of the employee to take decision eventually, against or in favor of the employee. Software Domo

    How much does this software cost?

    Well, the Software price mainly depends on which modules you will take for your Business. The basic price starts from 50,000 BDT.

    Is the software price included with server price?

    Server price is not included with the software price.

    What is the support price?

    There is a free support period after installing the software to the server. We have different Support level based on your requirements and support level prices differ.

    Is there any user limitation in this system?

    There is no user limitation for this software. But you can use for one individual company.

    Which companies need this software?

    These software can help any types of combinations to create there custom rules to meet there specific HR needs, which suit their organization.

    Is this software online or offline?

    The software has both online and offline version.

    Is any free support period included?

    Yes, there is a free support period.

    Which technologies have been used to develop this software?

    The software has been built on a PHP framework called Laravel with latest technologies and security enhancements.

    Is the software data (my company data) secured?

    The software maintains your company data with latest data encryption technology.