Mobile Apps Development Services in Bangladesh

For meeting the current need of mobile commerce we do android and IOS app development.

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We have what it takes to design and develop brilliant mobile applications according to your needs. We have deep knowledge in iOS and Android development. When the app requires a server back-end system and an API, we got you covered.


First, we define the app concept thoroughly with you. Then we design the UI. We plan the implementation so that we do not waste your time and money.

  • Features
  • User Interface / UX
  • Technical design
  • Project Plan and Budget

With these plans, you can confidently move to implementation.


You can turn your concept into a full-scale mobile service with us.

We know iOS and Android platforms and the latest tricks of app development. We can tell when to use native technology and when to go for hybrid or cross-platform tools.


Acquaint Technologies dedicated testing team drills down to the app to dig out any bugs, before the users do. We test the app with numerous different devices and OS versions to validate compatibility. In case you have a back-end system, the QA team runs integration and load testing to check smooth data flow.


We care. You can turn to us in any issues or change requests for your mobile app. As new OS versions and devices come out, we make the app compatible and publish new versions to the application stores.

Custom Mobile Apps Development Services

Custom Mobile App Development Services is the process of creating a new application from scratch or modifying an existing one to meet the needs of your business. It’s also known as “mobile app development services” or “custom mobile apps development” and it can be done in-house by your team or outsourced to a third party developer.

We are a team of professional developers and designers who have been working on mobile app development company for years now. We specialize in designing and developing custom mobile apps for businesses, brands, companies and individuals as well. We also offer technical support after installation and we are the best app developer company in Bangladesh.

Our experts can design, develop and publish your application within days without spending too much money or time on it. So if you want to get started with the development process but don’t have enough experience or knowledge about it then please feel free to contact us at. We are the best mobile app development services list.

The key benefit of custom mobile app development is that it allows you to build an experience that perfectly aligns with your brand and marketing strategy, while also being platform-specific (android and ios app development services). This means that if someone wants to download your app but doesn’t have access to an iPhone, they won’t be able to do so — which means they won’t know about the product even if they wanted to buy it! In that case we can go for  iOS mobile App Development services.

Another major benefit of having an mobile app development solutions is that it makes your business more accessible through mobile devices. People who wouldn’t normally visit your website will now be able to use their phones or tablets as a way of getting information about your products or services without even needing internet access.

Finally, having an app developed allows you to customize the layout and look so that it fits seamlessly into the platform’s design guidelines while still retaining its original message — meaning that those who download it won’t get bored with repetitive content which might lead them away from your site altogether!

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