Shikkha – Complete Education Management system

Monitor all of your school activities in most efficient way

School Management Software

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A School Management Software is intended to improve the manner in which a school is overseen through thorough usefulness. It is an intelligent stage for all users , for example, Students, Teachers, Management, Trustees and Parents.

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Features of Our Shikkha – Complete Education Management system

Student Information System

Interactive Student Database

Accessible Student Information Portal

Student Information Centralized

Teacher Information

Interactive Teacher Database

Managing Classes and Schedules

Preparing Reports

Student Parent Portal

Tracking Progress

Open Communications

Online Gradebook

Custom Gradebook

Interactive Database

Online Parent Access

Student Attendance Management

Easy to Read Pages

Online Parent Tracking

Report Card Online

Interactive Database and Autocomplete

Immediate Availability

Online Transcripts

Fully Customizable

Transcripts in a Click

Efficient Workflow

School Timetable

Structure schedules

Automatic scheduling

You’re always in control

Online Admission System

Management from Inquiry to Enrollment

Semester Management

Online School Fees Payment

Family Billing

Standard Charges & Fees

School Alert

Teachers and Parents


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Visuals of Our School Management Software

School Management Software in Bangladesh

We are Acquaint Technologies and we are a leading provider of school management software in BD.

We believe that education is a right for everyone and we are committed to providing schools with the tools they need to achieve their goals. Our mission is to help schools in Bangladesh  to achieve their full potential by providing them with the best education management software available.

We have been providing school management software to schools in Bangladesh since 2018. Our “Shikha”- A complete Education Management System is easy to use and designed for schools of all sizes, from small private schools to large public schools.

Our student management system allows schools to manage their students profile, attendance, and students activities. It also allows schools to track their routine, grades, and other important information in real time. Our “Shikha” is designed to help schools to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

Benefits Education Management Software In Bangladesh

The benefit of School Management Software is to manage their regular activities between students and teachers. It is designed to help schools manage their students, teachers, staff, and other school personnel.

The School Software is a web-based application. It can be accessed from anywhere using a computer or mobile device. It also helps the users to transfer the traditional education system to the modern education system.

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    School Management System FAQ

    What is School Management System ?

    School Management Software is an intelligent software by which school can maintain their school smoothly.

    How much does this software cost? and Domo?

    Well, the Software price mainly depends on which modules you will take for your Business. The basic price starts from 50,000 BDT. School Management Software Domo

    Is the software price included with server price?

    Server price is not included with the software price.

    What is the support price?

    There is a free support period after installing the software to the server. We have different Support level based on your requirements and support level prices differ.

    Is there any user limitation in this system?

    There is no user limitation for this software. But you can use for one individual company.

    Which companies need this software?

    The school which work on student database, teacher database, student parent portal, online transcripts, etc those school can use this smart software.

    Is this software online or offline?

    The software has both online and offline version.

    Is any free support period included?

    Yes, there is a free support period.

    Which technologies have been used to develop this software?

    The software has been built on a PHP framework called Laravel with latest technologies and security enhancements.

    Is the software data (my company data) secured?

    The software maintains your company data with latest data encryption technology.