Nibaas – Housing & Rental Automation System

Nibaas – Housing & Rental Automation System is the best software for managing highly customization multiple apartment, flat, building or any kind of real estate properties.

Why choose us?

“ATech Rent Management System” is a web based responsive application for apartment management. You can deal with your entire apartment system through this web application. “ATech Rent Management System” is the best software for overseeing exceptionally customization apartment, flat, building or any real estate properties. It will help you to control whole apartment in your hand at a glance.

  • Exclusive Features

  • Affordable Pricing

  • Quick Support

Features of Our Nibas – Housing & Rental Automation System


Admin can manage full apartment


Employee can check salary, manage complain with reports


Tenant can check rent statement, manage complain with reports


Owner can manage his/her apartment with reports

Responsive Interface

Fully responsive.
Suitable for all platforms.
Extremely flexible interface.

SMS and Email Notification

Admin can send SMS and email notification to employee, tenant and owners.


Admin rent due and paid invoice.
Admin fund invoice.

Complain management

Admin can assign tenant complain to any employee and after solved they can update status.

Room Availability

Admin quick available room checking.

Fingertips Reporting

Whole apartment management system at your fingertips.

Advanced Features

Smooth operation, user friendly interface, full of functionality and compatible features.

Fully Customizable

Expandable, customization and fully supported by us!

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    Visuals of Our ATech Rent Management System

    House List
    Rentar List
    Monthly Receipt
    Monthly Total Report

    ATech Rent Management System FAQ

    What is ATech Rent Management System?

    ATech Rent Management System is an intelligent software by which house / flat owner  can operate their rental business.

    How much does this software cost?

    Well, the Software price mainly depends on which modules you will take for your Business. The basic price starts from 50,000 BDT.

    Is the software price included with server price?

    Server price is not included with the software price.

    What is the support price?

    There is a free support period after installing the software to the server. We have different Support level based on your requirements and support level prices differ.

    Is there any user limitation in this system?

    There is no user limitation for this software. But you can use for one individual company.

    Which people need this software?

    The people who have housing apparent, shop market, housing business and house rent service, they can use software. They can manage full apartment details, rent details, house maintain details, house keeper salary etc.

    Is this software online or offline?

    The software has both online and offline version.

    Is any free support period included?

    Yes, there is a free support period.

    Which technologies have been used to develop this software?

    The software has been built on a PHP framework called Laravel with latest technologies and security enhancements.

    Is the software data (my company data) secured?

    The software maintains your company data with latest data encryption technology.