Best Education Consultancy Management Software In Bangladesh

Our Software handles the processes of overseas education industry for individuals and Agents in multiple countries.

Best Education Consultancy Management Software in Bangladesh

Our Education consultancy management software is designed to record, analyses, and manage information of all students who wants to go aboard for higher studies. This system serves the needs of an education consultancy company. Education Consultancy Management Software makes it easier to keep track of student information by keeping track of their progress, setting up meetings, and making contact better. It gets rid of manual work and puts all information in one place, making it easier for educational institutions and experts to find places to improve and deal with problems quickly. Education Consultancy Management Software also cuts down on paperwork and saves time by handling things like making meetings and sending messages.

Features of Our Education Consultancy Management System

Country Management

You can easily create country, assign students and get the detail report.

Student Management

Manage our students with all necessary information.


Take online appointment from students for a dedicated meeting.

Lead management

Keep all students lead in central hub and manage the leads accordingly.

Education Agent List

Manage all of your agents with detail payment records.

Consultancy Supervisor Management

Track all of your supervisor with proper follow-up dates, student support and deadlines

Employee management

Keep all of your employee information update with proper information.


Prepare your all stuff’s salary data in a quick step.


manage all employee’s attendance data in the system for better monitoring.


Manage all employee’s designation list.


Manage all employee’s department list.

Sub Department

Manage all employee’s sub department list.

Exclusive Reporting

Detail reporting can be found in all different angles.

Expense Management

You can examine your daily and monthly expense with expense category mode.

Agent wise Accounts

You can track your agent’s due and payments in just one click.

Daily Accounts

You can make your daily income and expense records with reporting.

Student Accounts Debit

Student wise total expense calculation

Student Accounts Credit

Student wise total income calculation


Visuals of Our Education Consultancy Management Software

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Student List
Country List
Daily Account Head
Student Report
Daily Account Report