CEO of IT Company Bangladesh

Ashiqur Rahman

Chief Executive Officer

Knowing for his daring and creative vision, Chief Executive Officer Ashiqur Rahman has been pushing Acquaint Technologies into the limelight for the past two years. He formed the company with three of his partners, and they voted him to serve as executive director in 2017. Since then, his guidance has helped shape the company and brings it into the center of news as one of the fastest growing companies in Bangladesh IT Industry. Since the start, Ashiqur has been taking charge of directing the company through key partnerships and decisions to expand directives into several key sectors including technologies and IT based services. His leadership has been crucial to the continued growth and development of Acquaint Technologies. Ashiqur got his start in leadership as a teenager, where he helped to manage his father’s business. He worked as a project manager at different IT companies, where his excellent organization and communications skills enabled him to direct his team to complete objectives well ahead of schedule, accelerating deliverable dates. He was in charge of assessing and evaluating company project directives in order to guide future company decisions.

As an chief executive officer, Ashiqur is well-known for his insistence on understanding every part of what his company produces and makes, made possible by his drive to learn and ability to quickly integrate new concepts. He often seeks feedback from employees in order to make the company a better place to work, which has increased employee satisfaction and talent acquisition. Ashiqur continues to oversee all operations, strengthening the company’s reputation and foothold in the market.