Office networking solution in Bangladesh

Networking Solutions

Efficient networking paves way for better communication.

Our office network support specialists will make sure your company has the office network service that perfectly satisfies your needs. They make it easy for your workers to communicate, share files, collaborate and get online. Not only can our office network service implement state-of-the-art wireless networks that allow you the ultimate in mobility and security for your company, but our office network service can also fix your unreliable connections and speed up your existing network connections.

networking solution provider company in Bangladesh

Our Key Networking Services

  • Configuring and connecting hardware components
  • Setting up TCP/IP network
  • Workstation configuration (desktop, laptops and so on)
  • Determination of required servers and its configuration
  • Installing printers
  • Data security management
  • Backup and recovery system
  • Disaster recovery management
  • Up-to-date software update
  • Patch and Anti-virus update
  • Preventive clean ups
  • Installing network software
  • Server maintenance
  • Use of routers and switches for VoIP services
  • Setting up of modem
  • Connecting to internet
  • Facilitating collaborative tools