Niloy Chandra Biswas

Assistant Manager Business Development.

Highly passionate about IT sales and marketing with more than 5+ years of experience in competitive sales. Role involves supporting the business development manager in identifying, pursuing, and securing new business opportunities for the software products or services my company offers.

Conducting market research to identify potential clients, market trends, and competitors’ activities. This involves gathering data on industry developments, customer needs, and emerging technologies. Generating leads through various channels such as cold calling, email campaigns, networking events, and social media outreach. Assisting in the creation of proposals, presentations, and pitches to prospective clients. This includes crafting compelling value propositions, understanding client requirements, and customizing solutions to meet their needs. Building and maintaining relationships with clients, understanding their business challenges, and acting as a trusted advisor. This involves regular communication, addressing client concerns, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Collaborating with the sales team to develop strategies for closing deals and achieving revenue targets. Working closely with internal teams such as product development, marketing, and finance to ensure smooth project implementation and delivery. Staying updated on industry trends, best practices, and new technologies relevant to the software business.