Mahbub Alam Tito a true i-ERP, & BI specialist.

Mahbub Alam Tito

Chief Technology Officer

In the realm of technology and innovation, there exists an individual named Mahbub Alam Tito – a dynamic and spirited soul whose journey spans over 15 years within the captivating domain of software technology. A genuine aficionado of all things tech, he stands as a testament to unwavering enthusiasm and unyielding prowess.

Immersed in the ever-evolving world of software innovation, Mahbub Alam Tito has honed his skills in an array of captivating endeavors. His footprint is imprinted upon the landscape of business process re-engineering ( BPR ), employing the sophisticated tools of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). He dances with dexterity in the realm of ERP, both in crafting its development and orchestrating its seamless implementation. What sets him apart is his adept grasp of customer-centricity, delving into the intricate realm of user experience ( UX ). This knack for understanding the pulse of clientele is matched only by his flair for technical writing. His artistry extends to the development and deployment of high-end industrial applications, a symphony conducted with finesse. Diving deep into the intricacies, he is a maestro in software requirement analysis, conjuring Software Requirement Specifications ( SRS ) that read like a symphony of clarity. With a discerning eye, he architects the foundation of databases, nurturing their growth through analysis and maintenance.

On the grand stage of project management, Mr. Alam Tito takes center stage. Overseeing more than 50 software projects, he orchestrates like a conductor, harmonizing diverse talents into a coherent symphony. His journey traverses international borders, collaborating seamlessly with overseas technical virtuosos. These partnerships transcend the ordinary, etching his name in the annals of cross-continental collaboration. In the recent chapters of his narrative, Mr. Alam Tito undertook the mantle of project planning, cost estimation, and risk management for Acquaint Technologies. Navigating uncharted waters, he embraced nascent technologies with open arms. The world of Microsoft .NET Core and Azure bowed before his prowess as he crafted cutting-edge business applications.

Yet, this technophile’s horizons are limitless. With a zeal reminiscent of a caped crusader, he embarks on quests of knowledge – delving in memory computing, sculpting three-dimensional living structures through 3D bio-printing, and unraveling the mysteries of gamification, audio mining, and crowdsourcing.
Peering into the horizon of Industry 4.0, Mr. Alam Tito’s heart races at the amalgamation of IoT, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI, VR, AR, and Data Science. His mission is to weave these technological threads into the fabric of Acquaint Technologies, ensuring they stand at the forefront of innovation.

Credentials adorn him – a knight armed with ITIL and CAPM certifications. He wields the mantle of SAP HANA with particular expertise in i-ERP and the transformative OpenERP, now christened as Odoo. A virtual badge of honor gleams in the form of the Google Project Management Professional Certificate. The heartbeat of his legacy throbs within the manufacturing giants of RMG and Textile. Names like Tulip Group, Urmi Group, and Vertex Group resonate with his ERP masterpieces. The wheels of government turn with his software contributions – a melodic hum within projects like MilkVita.

Having attained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering alongside a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, Alam stands as a seasoned professional with a profound academic background. Beyond his academic pursuits, Alam is deeply engaged as a researcher in the field of Software Engineering, continuously exploring novel methodologies and pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. His dual roles as both a scholar and a practitioner allow him to bridge theoretical insights with practical applications, fostering a dynamic approach to problem-solving. Through his research endeavors, Alam contributes to the advancement of software engineering practices, striving to enhance efficiency, reliability, and scalability in software systems. With a relentless commitment to academic excellence and a passion for driving industry innovation, Alam embodies a multifaceted dedication to the field of Software Engineering.

Mr. Alam Tito’s influence reverberates through prestigious circles. A luminary within the CTO Forum of Bangladesh and a director in the Bangladesh Computer Society, he navigates the global stage as a membership director for the International Association of Engineers in Hong Kong. Adorning the illustrious IEEE and Software Engineering, IEEE Computer Society Technical Community, he stands at technology’s forefront. With over 20 workshops mastered, his expertise spans Software Design, Testing, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Software Project Management, transcending boundaries online and offline, near and far.

Wanderlust courses through his veins, leading him to the far corners of the globe – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives have all been the canvas for his adventures. The stage of life transforms into a theater of roles, and he dons them with prowess, emerging victorious.

In the realm of collaboration, his camaraderie is boundless. Risk beckons him, and he answers with a grin, sharing his knowledge freely, even with rivals in the professional arena. Unyielding in his conviction, he perceives learning as a ceaseless odyssey, for he knows that the culmination of triumph is merely the prelude to the next verse of discovery.