Mahbub Alam Tito

Chief Technology Officer

Mr Mahbub Alam, a young and energetic person, a true tech-savvy has more than 15 years occurrences in ICT domain like business process re-engineering (BPR) using SOP, ERP Development & implementation with strength understanding of customer and user experience (UX) at the bottom of with technical writing, high end industrial application development & deployment, software requirement analysis, SRS, Use case  and test case analysis, database design, analysis & maintenance. He managed more then 30 Software projects as a Technical Project Manager still now in his IT career. On the other hand, has an unbelievable professional work live out with overseas technical expert on unusual team with different client and project. For the last 2 years  of his acquaint life he handled  to all project plan, costing and risk management  for Acquaint Technologies and it’s clients to cope up with new technologies. He is very comfortable with Microsoft .NET Core platform & framework as well as Azure for develop business application.  However, he has a great interest on bat-manning & surfing for expertise like in memory computing, 3D bio printing, gamification, audio mining & crowd sourcing. He is  also  doing  a vast R&D on  industry 4.0  i.e the 4th industrial revolution and it’s technologies like IoT, Deep Learning, Machine learning, AI, VR, AR ,Data Science and it’s implementation for Acquaint Technologies and its customers to make the IT infrastructure for up to date technologies.

He is an ITIL and PMP certified Professional. He is also a SAP HANA Professional specially on i-ERP & OpenERP which is presently named Odoo. His most contribution to developed and implementation of ERP in leading RMG  and Textile industries in Bangalesh, India & Srilanka. Some of the renowned companies are  Tulip Group, Urmi Group, Islam Group, JK Group, ABA group, Vertex Group, Windy Group, Stylo Group, RA spinning,Outpace Spinning, Webtex Textile, Alin Food and many more . He was also developed ERP for Ceramic Industries  like FARR Ceramics & Star Ceramics. He also experienced to develop the software for some government project like MilkVita. He is a member of CTO Forum of Bangladesh. He is a member director of Bangladesh computer Society, membership director of International Association of Engineers, Hong Kong.

Moreover, he loves to learn new stuff and never want to limit himself in one place as well as prefer wide range of variety skills, regardless it’s related to his career or not. He always likes to work with high ambitious team where team members are free to work together. He likes to travel for escaping the monotonous life and visited countries are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Maldives. It’s his habit to apply his skills in unusual situation which sometimes can transfer him to play different roles and proudly he can say, he is always success in his job whatever it is. Finally, he is comfortable with any kind of people and taking risks and never afraid to share his knowledge with others even those people are rival in professional life. At last but not least, he strongly believes that learning is a continuous process and a successful person never stops learning.